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Campground locations in Vermont

Vermont campground map.

Campground in northeast VermontFind a campground location in Vermont to pitch a tent, set up the tent trailer or park the motorhome. For convenience, the state is divided into regions. To locate campgrounds and RV parks in Vermont, first select a region. You will be taken to a page listing only campgrounds and RV parks within that region. You'll find cities, national parks and attractions, listed alphabetically. Campgrounds and RV parks are then listed under the closest city or attraction.

Vermont Camp Grounds & Camp Sites

Northwest Vermont

Locate northwest VT campgrounds and RV parks near Burton Island State Park, Lake Carmi, Saint Albans Bay State Park, Burlington, Northfield and a host of other great places to go camping in northwest Vermont.

Northeast Vermont

Locate northeast VT campgrounds and RV parks near Ainsworth State Park , Lake Memphremagog, Allis State Park, Lyndonville, Newport and many other great camping spots in northeast Vermont.

Southwest Vermont

Locate southwest VT campgrounds and RV parks near Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Lake Bomoseen, Lake Saint Catherine State Park, Bennington, Rutland and a host of other great camping spots in southwest Vermont.

Southeast Vermont

Locate southeast VT campgrounds and RV parks near Marsh - Billings - Rockefeller National Historical Park, Lake Rescue, Dutton Pines State Forest Park, Brattleboro, Dummerston and many other great camping spots in southeast Vermont.

Campgrounds in Vermont

Campgrounds and RV parks.

Visit the campgrounds section and the RV parks section for information about how they operate, facilities and services offered plus recommendations for making reservations.

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If you want to go camping in style, this is the way to do it. All the luxuries of home fit stylishly into a comfortable motorhome or RV.

New and used RVs and motorhomes.

Visit the Vermont new and used RV section to find great deals and discount prices on motorhomes, fifth wheel recreation vehicles, tent trailers and camping trailers.

Motorhome rental.

Click here for VT motorhome rentals. Enjoy a weekend, or the entire month, at campgrounds or anywhere in the wide open spaces around Vermont.

Camping in tents.

Look here to find great deals on tents for sale in VT. And here for all the Vermont camping equipment to compliment your camping experience in the new tent.

Northwest VT Campgrounds
Northeast VT Campgrounds
Southwest VT Campgrounds
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VT Camping Options

Vermont offers excellent camping opportunities throughout the state. Find campgrounds in or nearby cities like Newport, Northfield, Lyndonville, Burlington, Brattleboro, Rutland, Dummerston, Bennington, Swanton, Montpelier and many other cities and towns throughout Vermont.

National and state parks in Vermont include Burton Island State Park, Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Ainsworth State Park , Marsh - Billings - Rockefeller National Historical Park, Rood State Park, Emerald Lake State Park and Giffords Woods State Forest Park. These parks have campgrounds and RV parks located within the park proper or nearby.

If your passion is fishing or boating, or you simply like to camp near the water there are plenty of lakes to choose from. Some of the Vermont lakes include Lake Carmi, Lake Dunmore, Lake Memphremagog, Lake Willoughby, Lake Bomoseen, Harriman Reservoir, Lake Rescue, North Springfield Reservoir, Lake St Catherine and Seymour Lake. Find local information about boating by visiting the All Awesome Boating website which offers local information covering boating in Vermont.

Other areas of interest in Vermont with nearby campgrounds and RV parks include state parks and attractions like Saint Albans Bay State Park, Allis State Park, Lake Saint Catherine State Park, Dutton Pines State Forest Park, Ball Mountain State Park and many other great places to experience while camping in Vermont.

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