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Tent trailers for family camping on a budget

Tent trailers are ideal for family camping.Travel trailers are a step from camping in tents and open air. Most can be towed by a pickup truck, SUV or the family car with a conventional towing hitch. Some larger units may require heavy duty trucks for towing. They range in length from twelve to thirty five feet and sleep up to eight people comfortably, depending on brand and model. When fully collapsed and secured for travel collapsed, tent trailers are very low profile for easy towing. The low profile also makes them easy on the gas mileage.

Tent trailer systems operate on a 12-volt battery system with a converter for charging batteries. This allows you to hook up to standard electrical outlets in campgrounds and RV parks. Cooking and heating are fueled by propane.

Typical tent trailer configuration.

Manufacturers may offer numerous models of these pop-up tent trailers. Each model may have options for a variety of features. That said, here is a list of the most common elements found in most tent trailers.

Common features.

- Pop-up roof
- Fold-out beds for four to six
- Dinette seating for four
- Stove
- Kitchen sink
- Refrigerator
- Bathroom and shower
- Privacy curtains
- Storage compartments
- Microwave oven
- Furnace

To create additional living or sleeping space some models offer slide-out sections.

Camping with a tent trailer.

Tent trailers are designed to be self contained. You can park in the middle of nowhere for days. That time can be extended with the addition of a generator. You can also set up camp in a RV park with hookups and extend your stay to weeks or more. Visit the campgrounds and RV parks section of this website for additional information. Other related information is available in the family camping section.

Setup and take down

Typical tent trailers take five to thirty minutes to set up for use. They are commonly called folding trailers and manufacturers continue to make this process easier and easier. Returning it to the collapsed state for towing is just as easy.

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Storing tent trailers.

Of all RVs the tent trailer is the easiest to store. Their low profile allows you to park them in places a full-size RV would not fit. A tent trailer cover will protect the finish and help keep the tires from getting damaged by the sun. Check all safety warnings about storage of the propane and batteries. If you are in an area where freezing may occur, follow the manufacturers recommendations for winterizing the tent trailer water-related systems.

How to take the family camping in a tent trailer