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Rental motorhomes - RVs

Motorhome in a camping space at an RV park.The term "recreation vehicle" (RV) is widely used for a variety of vacation and camping related trailers and vehicles. Our focus in this section will be on motorhomes.

Simply stated a motorhome is a camper trailer mounted on a truck frame or built on a special motorhome chassis. They are self-contained units designed to drive to the middle of nowhere. They encompass their own water, power, sewer, showers, cooking, heating, cooling, entertainment and more. A motorhome has its own engine and drive train. Passengers have freedom to get up and move around inside the motorhome as it moves along the highway. For added mobility after the motorhome has been parked in a campground, many travelers tow another vehicle.

Motorhomes are classified into three groups, primarily based on size and physical configurations. The three classes are Class A, Class B and Class C motorhomes.

Rent a Class A motorhome.

Class A Motorhome RVThese motorhomes resemble a bus in appearance with no physical distinction between the driving compartment and the cabin area of the motorhome. Class As are considered to be a "true motorhome". They are constructed on a chassis specifically designed for motorhomes and offered with gas or diesel engines. Lengths available start at twenty one feet and run up to forty feet.

Many have one or multiple slide-out sections to expand the cabin space. Once you park the motorhome and secure it, simply press a button. The powered slide-outs begin to move out to a locked position. As the top of the line in motorhomes, amenities and options are limited only by your imagination, physical space and of course the almighty dollar.

Rent a Class B motorhome.

Class B Motorhome RVCommonly called camper vans, they are the smaller of all motorhome classes. Basically they are van conversions. Most of the vans are slightly oversized and are taller than a standard van to provide standing head space. They range in length from sixteen feet to twenty one feet. Most have kitchen sinks and restrooms and some have showers. Most camper vans sleep two comfortably and some models offer sleeping area for up to four. They are easy to drive, they fit in most garages and park in a single parking space. Good gas mileage makes them popular for long trips or the family that travels often.

Rent a Class C motorhome.

Class C Motorhome RVThe most popular of the motorhome classes it is mid sized and mid-range priced. It has a distinct driving compartment, visually separate from the cabin. The Cabin extends over the cab to provide a cab-over sleeping area. The Class C is constructed on a customized chassis and comes in gasoline or diesel models. Lengths run from twenty one feet to thirty five feet. Most have one or multiple slide-out sections that expand the cabin space.

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