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Family camping for all members of the family.

A great getaway

Family campfire cooking hot dogs.Camping is a family activity where everyone relies on each other and the benefit of the experience is long lasting. Take the family to a beautiful place where there are no televisions, video games, telephones, computers and such. Let them experience the great outdoors and the wonders of camping. Show them stars like they have never seen before. Take them hiking or fishing. Most of all, do these things as a family.

Slowly introduce the family to camping.

Let the family experience the great outdoors, in your back yard. Start with the fun stuff.

Prepare a campfire in the back yard.

A simple campfire in the evening will spark their interest in the idea of camping. Cook hot dogs on a stick or coat hanger and let everyone participate, based on age. Of course, toasted marshmallows or S'mores for dessert. Tell them about the fun of sleeping in a tent. As a group decide to do an overnight camping experience in the back yard.

Plan a back yard camping trip.

Camping in the back yard can spark excitement for their first camping trip away from home. Plan it a week or more ahead of time when good weather is expected. Let everyone participate in creating the list of everything you'll need. If you plan to cook a meal, get everyone's input and together create a shopping list. When your day comes get out the tent and set it up together. Set up the table and stove, roll out the sleeping bags, use the lantern and flashlights after dark. Try to mimic the way you'll do it on a real camping trip. Concentrate on the fun stuff and keep everyone involved. Describe to them the beauty of the area where you'll take your first camping trip. Tell them how many more stars they'll see away from town.

Establish rules for safe camping.

The first rule of camping is to have fun, safe fun. You may be taking the family to an unfamiliar area. Explain how easy it is to get lost and the importance of staying together. Check with campground hosts regarding wildlife in the area and pass along appropriate warnings to all family members. If you'll be camping near lakes, rivers or the ocean discuss concerns with everyone. Teach all family members of appropriate age how to perform CPR. Review the first aid kit and discuss the use for each item, making sure everyone would know how to administer aid if needed.

Camping in a family tent.

Camping in a family tent.There's nothing like a big, one-room tent to make a family feel like family. Sleeping bags spread out everywhere, the kids excited to sleep in the tent, sharing the days experiences, telling stories, laughing and just being together as a family. Making memories for a lifetime.

There are many types of tent, different sizes, different materials and so on. All designed for different uses. Check out the section on camping tents for details. The section on camping in tents will provide additional tips and helpful hints to enhance your tenting experience.

Tent trailers for comfortable family camping.

Family camping in a tent trailer.In recent years tent trailers have come of age. They are available with most of the comforts a motorhome or RV. The primary benefit of a tent trailer is that it is easy to tow with most family cars and easy to store.

A tent trailer is ideal for family camping. It has comfortable beds for sleeping and many come with sinks, stoves, bathrooms, showers, lighting and more. See the tent trailer section for more details on the many types of tent trailers available. Additional camping tips and helpful hints are available in the tent trailer camping section.

Places to go camping, by state.

Motorhome & RV Rental

Other family camping options

Camp trailers, fifth wheel recreation vehicles and motorhome RVs are the choice of many families. The focus of the experience tends to drift indoors rather than outdoors, with many benefits to those who prefer the comforts of home. Click here for motorhome dealers, here for motorhome rentals or here for additional information on motorhome camping.

How to take the family camping.