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Camping trailers, tent trailers, truck campers, and tents are the preferred mode of many campers who enjoy "roughing it" to one extent or another. There's lots of information here about family camping, camping recipes, camping in a tent or tent trailer and a host of other valuable information about camping. Before you go, be prepared. Have emergency contact information handy, know where the closest medical facility is located, and make sure your health insurance covers you in the area you plan to travel.

Types of Camping

Camper with tent and campfire.Camping modes range from backpacking into the wilderness by yourself to taking the family and friends on a camping trip in a Class A motorhome. For many, camping is the much-anticipated vacation of the year.

For others it is a weekend activity enjoyed many times throughout the year. Organized camping clubs offer scheduled camping trips and RV caravans for small and large groups. For many, camping is a way of life.

Summer camps of all kinds introduce young people to camping. Some of these camps teach roughing it while others provide cabins and three hot meals a day. All offer the opportunity to experience the great outdoors at one level or another.

Motorhomes, RVs, tent trailers and tents.

Camping trailer with awningFor those who prefer the comforts of home, RVs and motorhomes feature heating, air conditioning, kitchens with microwaves, stoves and ovens, bathrooms with showers, sound systems, satellite TV and more...a self-contained motorhome or RV is the answer! A wide range of motorhomes and RVs are available for purchase as well as a vide variety of motorhome and RV rental options. Find the ideal unit for a quick, weekend getaway or a long-term vacation.

Camping your way.

Camping provides the ultimate opportunity to experience the great outdoors. For some it is a byproduct of some other activity like hiking or fishing. For others it is their primary activity. No matter the reason, camping gets you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life into a world of sightseeing beauty and connects one with nature.

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Campground options.

The vast majority of campers travel to a specified campground and spend days or weeks enjoying the world of camping. These campgrounds may be hosted by the Forest Service, National Park Service or state and local parks and recreation departments. Others may be hosted by private entities offering RV park and campground spaces for rent.

Campgrounds offer a wide range of facilities, amenities and services. Camping spaces in these parks range from unimproved areas to paved RV pads with water, sewer, electricity and street lights. To learn more visit the RV park section and the campgrounds section.

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